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Makerverse and webcam

I’m trying to install a webcam on the Rpi running Makerverse, but I can’t figure out how. I’ve tried a few different model, a “not so old” Logitech C270, an old Logitech QuickCam Messenger, the RpiCam, and a frankenCam salvaged from a dead laptop, none of them were working. I didn’t get any image and there were not detected in Makerverse. I’ve done sshed on the Pi and they are all detected when I do an LSUSB command (except for the Rpicam, I did not try it).
Any hints on how to make a webcam works with Makerverse.
Thanks for your help, and a big thanks for the great work with this piece of software.

Can’t give you help with Makerverse but have used cameras on rPi a fair bit.

Be aware that USB cams on rPi are often very poor quality and crippled by low frame rates typically at 10 fps. You will probably need to configure driver, frame size, and frame rate before they work. This depends on the software you are using to interface with the camera.

The rPi cameras that use the dedicated ribbon cable interface work much better at higher frame sizes and much higher frame rates. For these you need to enable the camera peripheral in raspi-config. Option 5 - Interfacing → Option P1 Camera → Enabled YES. Pay a lot of attention to ribbon orientation and that it is seated level and all the way down in the ribbon cable clip.

You should start by testing the cameras using the command line raspistill to see it is truly is working. If you get a working picture there then go onto Makerverse config.

Also having the same problem. Webcam tested and functional via cli but Makerverse not detecting it.
Running Makerverse 1.1.3 on RPI 4 with Logitech C920