Makerverse Features and Details

I was looking at makerverse after I got it installed and I was wondering about the events and the command sections. I added a few things last night such as a couple users and a few events and today logging in, they are all gone. Assuming they persist, is the event system able to trigger a shell script or is this an internal interpreter with some sort of script language? I’m curious if anyone has done anything with it yet.


The disappearing users issue was related to the launch script not updated completely to write all settings to .makerverse (there was an old reference to .cncrc).

I am curious too about Events. The CNCjs documentation doesn’t cover the feature either.

you mentioned events. I have it set to turn my LED green when it is ready to cut and it cannot find the file. It is set:

event: ready to start
trigger: system
commands: /home/pi/mvLED/

from the command line in the folder, ./ turns on the LED as does /home/pi/mvLED/, but from within the makerverse program, it does not find it. When I use ~/mvLED, it has a node that does not exist in the mv (the name of the makerverse folder on my machine) folder, so is that within the docker?