Makerverse GOTO function

Is there a GOTO function available for Makerverse? I made an error and clicked my way out of the uploaded program midway through 4600 lines of code.

You can in webcontrol or ground control, but the only way I know to do it with makerverse is to edit your file by removing the already run lines and start the new file there with the same header from the original file.

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Clever, thanks!

I think having the ability to GOTO to a particular spot really would be nice to have implemented in Makerverse. The reality is that it’s not really a simple thing to do. WebControl parses through the gcode from the beginning to determine what ‘state’ the machine is in prior to the gcode line you want to ‘restart’ at. For example, it looks for things like unit changes, positioning changes (absolute vs. relative), spindle state (on/off), laser state (on/off), and most importantly the current x,y,z position. There may be better ways of doing it, but it did work.

Just be careful editing the gcode manually. I’ve messed up a couple times myself with doing similar manual edits and didn’t have the machine in the right “state” to run the code.

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