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Initial first time calibration help!

I am having issues getting my sled to move at all. I can her the motors squealing. Nothing on my console reacts. Shows to be connected via com3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome!! What kit do you have? What Arduino are you running? It appears you have an Arduino mega on a classic maslow system? When you selected the system for setup in the home screen did you select it as maslow or grbl? Type $I and then enter into the black console region on the left and see if it responds.

Not sure if you are running the same setup as me but I have noticed when my Console screen does not show all the codes when it loads, I too have issues like yours. What I do in these situations is first click the Close button. I then unplug the arduino. I then click View>Reload. Once Makerverse is reloaded I plug the arduino back in. Now when it loads you should see all the codes in the Console. At this point you should be able to click the Unlock button and move the sled around.

One other thing that was causing me issues like this was when I tried to change the X/Y Scaling I accidentally input something wrong (I think I forgot to change one of the boxes from mm to Inch) and ended up with some crazy low number like .027 in the Y axis. From that point on it would barely move. I ended up changing both X and Y to 1. After that I was able to move again.

Not sure if this helps you but worth a try. Good luck