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Initial first time calibration help!

I am having issues getting my sled to move at all. I can her the motors squealing. Nothing on my console reacts. Shows to be connected via com3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome!! What kit do you have? What Arduino are you running? It appears you have an Arduino mega on a classic maslow system? When you selected the system for setup in the home screen did you select it as maslow or grbl? Type $I and then enter into the black console region on the left and see if it responds.

Not sure if you are running the same setup as me but I have noticed when my Console screen does not show all the codes when it loads, I too have issues like yours. What I do in these situations is first click the Close button. I then unplug the arduino. I then click View>Reload. Once Makerverse is reloaded I plug the arduino back in. Now when it loads you should see all the codes in the Console. At this point you should be able to click the Unlock button and move the sled around.

One other thing that was causing me issues like this was when I tried to change the X/Y Scaling I accidentally input something wrong (I think I forgot to change one of the boxes from mm to Inch) and ended up with some crazy low number like .027 in the Y axis. From that point on it would barely move. I ended up changing both X and Y to 1. After that I was able to move again.

Not sure if this helps you but worth a try. Good luck

getting these machines up and running seems to be the BIGGEST problem people are having. Is there a step by step process with pictures and detailed instructions that we could follow?

I have a new M2 system on Windows 10 computer. I do not have a tech background but i successfully built this machine and frame according to standard 4’x8’ size with 10’ unistrut crossbeam attached 18" above the work surface

like this one?

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COM 4 has disappeared from my choice of port connection options and now I cannot get any of the motors to move in the calibration menus. I have checked ALL motor wire connections and USB cable and everything seems snug and tight and power reset the computer multiple times… What happened? I’m stuck unable to move forward (again)…more importantly, how do I get back on track and get COM 4 port to show up again so I can connect to it and get back on track calibrating this machine and getting up and running?

What do I do?

if you don’t disconnect properly in the software and unplug/power cycle the
maslow, windows will consider the old com port still in use and assign the
device a new port number

David Lang

thank you sir! I truly did not know that. Yes, I was just “X-ing” out of makerverse and restarting / shutting down the Windows 10 computer and a few times I actually just unplugged the entire computer and CNC machine. So your statement matches what i have been doing.

How do I correct my mistake? And what do I going forward when I want to shut down the CNC machine or shut down/close out of makerverse in case of emergency run away sled?

thank you for your responses, they have been VERY HELPFUL and I appreciate your time and encouragement

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shut down the software first before unplugging or power cycling the maslow

the other thing is that you can look and see what new com port showed up and
switch the software to use it.

David Lang

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thank you Mr Lang!

yes I will do that from now on.

I did try to get the machine to function and move chains trying COM 1 and COM 3 ports and was not successful using either of those ports. I am far from knowing what I am doing in this process BUT the only other times I was successfully able to “launch” the makerverse CNC software and get the XYZ motors to move in the calibration screens I used COM 4 port…I just cannot get the machine to “work” move the chains using the other COM ports that I still see available

COM 4 port “disappearing” concerns me and I tried unplugging the entire Windows 10 computer and also unplugging the power supply of the M2 Makermade CNC system and still do not see COM 4 port re-appearing…any advice?

what is the highest com port you see?

shut down the maslow software and unplug the machine, look to see what com ports
exist, then plug it in and you should see a new one show up.

David Lang

Thank you for your reply, sincerely thank you!

I have dutifully followed your instructions a few times and only COM 1 and COM 3 ports are appearing and I’m unsuccessful at getting a functional connection using either one of them. I’m now unable to get the makerverse software to fully connect and move the chains or Z axis so I can calibrate.

Previously earlier today I was able to “Set Up New Machine” and get the makerverse software 1.13 to connect to the M2 system and move the chains…to be honest though, the Z axis was upside down and I was unable to select chain movement other than .1mm and moving the chains (connected together NO sled as per calibration instructions) I began to notice that I was able to move X and Y a few times successfully then suddenly after a few seconds the motors stopped responding altogether then they lurched upward quickly so I got scared of another runaway situation and I disconnected the power supply go the Arduino CNC system…upon plugging the power supply and “X-ing” out of makerverse software and restarting everything is when I first noticed that COM 4 port no longer was a available to connect to…

But as I mentioned, the X, Y, and Z calibration buttons were not allowing me to select larger than lowest mm movements and everything stopped moving and then suddenly lurched without input…it was definitely not functioning / communicating between the Windows 10 makerverse software and the M2 system very well before COM 4 port disappeared.

Is Windows 10 just too old and not compatible with this makerverse 1.13 software? My motor cables and USB cable between Windows 10 computer and the Arduino board seemed snug and properly connected but something is obviously very wrong and I’m discouraged that I can’t seem to overcome these issues.

Any advice is and will be appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m stumped!