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Makerverse Vs Webcontrol

Hey Guys,

TLDR; The Makerverse thread is waaaaay too long for me to read everything and make a decision on. At this point is the Makerverse replacing WebControl, or should I just stick with Webcontrol for now?

Otherwise, I haven’t finished my machine yet, it’s been a while since I installed Webcontrol on an Rpi. I’m running version 0.9333 and I can’t see if there’s a new version. Unfortunately I’ve also forgotten my password for the RPi so can’t login to re download from the repo. If can’t remember the password I’ll just do a fresh install of everything.

Your suggestions are much appreciated.

where you are using a classic mega controller, if you had webcontrol working and the pi will boot to it, I would recommend sticking with it for now. Unless you want to beta test and experiment with the bleeding edge, save yourself the reformat and just use it. Makerverse will eventually replace it, but still has a ways to go. The makerverse thread is so long because of all the finer details. Those with M2’s don’t really have a choice, but the classic is optional. My classic is still running Webcontrol and probably will continue to do so.

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Thanks Orob, I believe mine is considered the “classic”, (it’s a mega controlled unit). Will WebControl and the firmware update normally? I installed Webcontrol before the repository changed on github.

There are a few lingering firmware updates that need to be pulled in for the mega… as well as a major one that I’m trying to make work, but haven’t succeeded yet. The mega firmware for “holey” calibration that also works with makerverse needs to be packaged with webcontrol so if upgrading is desired, a firmware flash can be done from the actions menu. Other than that, you should be fine with the currently available software from the web.

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