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Making a DXF file from auto cad

I am trying to make a pattern in AutoCAD, but when I make it a DXF file the text doesn’t come over with it. I need help to get it all to come over.

Are you trying to cut letters and making it in autocad? You might try and make the letters a polyline and try that. Not 100% sure what you are doing but I might be able to help.

Let me first say I am a complete noob I havent cut a single thing yet. I am however experienced in AutoCAD. Text in autocad can be tricky. In the Express Tools of AutoCAD, there is a Explode text option. This converts text to line work. Be aware that exploded text can contain duplicate lines, so clean up is necessary. Joining the line work into a single polyline is a easy way to make certain you dont have extras.
Once your text is exploded then converted it can be exported as a dxf.

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Thank you