Stripping DXF Layers to seperate files

Hello all. Please be gentle with me, I’m a complete novice with CNC related stuff!
I wanted a CNC cutter to make toys and simple furniture and hopefully I have come to the right place. I intend to order one of the kits soon.
BTW, I’m in the UK. North West, not too far from Manchester.
OK. I have some DXF files but when I load them into the various software I have downloaded and tested, I have not been able to find a (simple) way to only show one layer and then save that as a DXF file, get rid of that layer and load another layer and then save that as another dxf file, etc, etc.
Does anyone know any (free / trial) software that can do this SIMPLY for me??
Thanks all.


Welcome to the club of Maslovians!
In the cad program that you use (what are you using?) you should be able to

  • open the DXF file and save it with a new name to protect the original
  • select layers and delete them till you have the layer you want
  • repeat the process with each layer and give them recognisable names

If you’d like a answer to

the answer would become very long.
We have a huge community testing a wide range of software and the question for a specific one would be answered faster I guess.

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you should also be able to hide layers without deleting them.

You should be able to select an object/layer and copy it to a new file as a separate “part” I’m working on this process for someone now in DraftSight.

Thank you

Thanks. I did download Qcad but as I said, I am a complete ‘newbie’ and was blown away by all the options, etc. I did see a coupleof mentions of ‘Layers’ in sub-menus but none of them seemed to do what I wanted. i.e be able to select a layer out of all the layers present in the file…
Maybe I’m just not doing something right.
If anyone knows how to do this with any other software (esasily) then PLEASE get in touch as it is driving me mad :frowning:


Would you share one of the dxf files and explain what you want to do with it?
I have:

  • Draftsight
  • FreeCAD
  • QCad
  • LibreCAD

to test with.

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Thanks. I am not sure if the owner of the dxf files would agree to me putting them on here so I have ‘dug out’ an old dxf file from a boat I was interested in at one time.
I have attached the file.
ThanksK800-LOFT.dxf (728.0 KB)
This file is a perfect example. If, for example, I just wanted the 3rd frame (whatever layer it is on) and then send that to a seperate dxf file.

I QCad I hide all other layers, then select what I want and copy. In the new or other file I paste.

I’ve sussed it now - I spent an hour or more yesterday and it clicked into place when you mentioned deselecting. Darn big box in top right to do just that and then select any layer i want after - As Homer would say - Doh!

Many thanks for the replies…