Making multiple copies on same sheet


I’ve designed this necklace pendant and I can cut it just fine, but now I’d like to make as many as I can fit on a sheet 1000 mm x 600 mm. With it’s cad vectors it should copy all the settings, including the whole cam set up.
When I use the move/copy command, it seems to only make independent copies, so if I would make a change to the vectors or cam for the one part it would not make it for all of them.
There is a way to do it, but not sure how. I’ve watched a video (, but I’m not sure I understand, at least I was not able to replicate (ha!) it.
Any suggestions?

Try using Pattern. Go to CREATE -> Pattern -> Rectangular Pattern, and set the pattern type to either “Bodies” or “Components” as it best relates to your drawing. you will probably need to fix the cam setup once this is done.

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