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Making multiple copies

Hello, I am a newbie and I have created a design in fusion 360 and CAM setup and cut 1 part. Now I want to cut as many copies as I can in a given space. Can someone help me with how I go about this? I assume I need some how duplicate/rotate/flip/mirror my design in fusion 360 but I am not sure where to start?
Thanks in advance!

I recommend the following procedure:

1 Measure the overall height and width of your object.
2 Add the diameter of your cutting tool, and a few mm.
3 After cutting one piece, use the arrows on the controller screen to move the sled to the right by the width calculated in point 2, and down by the height calculated in point 2.
4 Set home to this new position.
5 Start the job again.

You do not want to restart your 100-copy job if it fails at part 57. Also, you do not want to run your 10x10 job on a piece of scrap that will hold 3x4 parts. I recommend that you run each copy one at a time. It will give you a lot more flexibility.

Or there’s this:

But nobody replied to say it works.

You can try to use the pattern feature in the CAM module to create duplicates of the part you want to cut. I chose linear pattern and then clicked on the X and Y plane for each direction.

This looks like the feature was not disabled in the personal licence change.

Good point @ame Thanks for the tip!

Thanks @Jamtek. That is very helpful!

In Fusion360 just select the piece (mouse over while holding left button) then right click select copy/move, check the box “make a copy”, then you can rotate or move to nest the pieces as you wish.