Maslow 4 - firmware v0.78 - blue LED blinking 9 repeatedly

After a firmware.bin upload and reboot there’s no maslow SSID and it doesn’t connect to the local WAP. What’s the next step to recover?

FWIW, we had downloaded the index.html.gz, firmware.bin and maslow.yaml files and had uploaded/set the index.html.gz and maslow.yaml files first and then we ran the firmware update.

Does FluidNC come up in your networks? I’m having the same blue light blinking after the latest update and my Maslow’s network is showing up as FluidNC and the password is the same (12345678).


Yep, since I took the machine home to look at it, I saw fluidnc in the network list, connected and found it on and after setting up my local WAP network I found the machine at fluidnc.local

ugh. That’s going to mess with lots of people’s minds.

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It will indeed.

More on the new update over here: V0.78 Is Up - Let us know!


The blue LED is blinking the machine’s IP address on your network.
Assuming you have a normalish router using 192.168.x.x then it will always blink out a sequence of numbers that correspond to 1_9_2_pause_1_6_8 to start with

The only problem with the blinking is that there’s no blink for 0 - so you have to kind of figure that out for yourself.

My network the last digit is something like 104 - so I see 1 blink, a slightly longer pause (corresponding to the 0) and then 4 blinks and a pause, before it restarts blinking out the whole sequence again.

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Just found out this is 3h old firmware update… It’s on the network after figuring out the ssid moved from maslow to fluidnc and the local host name also moved to fluidnc.

It’s on our local network but just keeps blinking 9 times over and over. Previous firmware releases might have blinked IP address but right now it’s not.

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Ahh - yep - in which case something else has changed. There’s a new thread on the latest release something abouyt 0.78 - please add your comments about the fluidnc and the blinks there.


I know exactly what is going on here, I totally broke the blinking pattern in the latest update. I’ll fix that right now! Thanks for catching that!

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I think we need a note about reverting to a previous version around what the process should be.
I’d had v0.78 installed and figured out about fluidnc.local and that it was a really green release so I wanted something people have had installed for a little bit since I was hitting this machine for the first time. It was my mistake to upload the firmware file first( v0.77 of firmware.bin ) since it did not like the filesystem for whatever reason. It presented a blank white web page which never finished loading.

I only got it working again by hacking my way through, on Linux, getting the v0.77 files in the common/ and wifi/ directories from the package and hacking around the posix installation tools. But once the filesystem/index.html.gz was uploaded maslow.local worked and the web UI loaded so I loaded the v0.77 maslow.yaml and was able to get retraction, extending and Z axis all working.

So to revert properly I would say the 4 steps would be:
1- upload the index.html.gz
2- upload the maslow.yaml
3- upload the firmware.bin
4- reboot the machine.

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I’ve seen this bug too, but I don’t think it has anything to do with going back to an earlier version. Installing any firmware version should be exactly the same regardless of if it’s older or newer.

If you can find a way to get the blank page to happen consistently I’m sure we can track down what is going on there.

It seemed to be some form of filesystem issue because what was done to fix it was to use use the USB interface and getting the script to install v0.77 of the index.html.gz filesystem.

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I agree. It seems like if the index.html isn’t found at all we get a page that gives us the chance to upload it, but if the index.html is there but corrupted or something then we get stuck loading forever

Is there an async load which would allow a timeout value there could be some fallback options.
I have v0.77 installed now but I will load up 0.78 as I did before and try to go back to v0.77(like I did before ) and see if I get the never-ending-loading story again.

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make sure you do 0.78.1 not 0.78

David Lang

why? I’m trying to break it like I did when I went from v0.78 to v0.77.

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