Just ordered my Maslow

I’ll probably be posting here, when i have issues which is normal when you’re working with a new machine.

Just thought i would say hello. :smiley:


Welcome!! :tada:

If you sitck to the default frame
You should not have any problems
As we have now sorted most of the issuse
And im getting great results

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Welcome, Billy! We’re here to help so ask away!


Lots of problems have been found so far, some fixed permanently, so you won’t have to worry about them, many documented in the assembly guide, and a few we’re still working to solve and document. So if you have any problems, I recommend a search of the forums. If you don’t find the answer there, ask away! Because we’re an international group, most questions get a response within a few hours.


I am very interested in the Maslow cnc and would love to see one first hand in action. I see there is a Billy in Arnold, MO. I live in Farmington and work in Festus. I’d be interested in seeing your setup and machine cutting sometime. I am an engineer by day and a wood worker by night, and weekend.

Thank you.


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