Maslow and ipad

Is this possible? , i have a shop on 2 levels and would like to use the ipad to run the Maslow, would make it so much easier

if you use webcontrol, then you can use the browser on the ipad to control it.

David Lang

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Can you explain that a bit better

webcontrol is an alternate control software to groundcontrol, it’s commonly used
on a raspberry pi that you connect directly to the maslow and then control the
maslow from a web browser (which can be on anything, including an ipad)

David Lang

So I don’t need a pi?

You will still need a pi or computer hooked up to the maslow. The iPad or cell phone can connect to the pi or computer over wifi.

Works well to make adjustments using the phone when you are calibrating instead of going back to the computer for every small turn of the sprocket.

But the iPad is a computer

you have to have a computer connected via USB to send commands to the Maslow controller. The ipad does not connect via USB as a controller to other devices. Typically a PC or raspberry pi is used to connect to the maslow controller. With webcontrol, you can use the web page controls served from that PC or raspberry pi on a phone or tablet (ipad or kindle or whatever). The maslow arduino controller has no wifi without an attached computer.

You can use this

you will have to compile the webcontrol software to work on your ipad then and you will not be able to shut off your ipad or your maslow will stop. So yes, you could plug it in, but the value of the ipad is the wireless connection and its portability. If you tether the ipad to the machine, you might as well use a non-mobile computer that plugs in and stays with the maslow anyway. Perhaps I’m missing your desired outcome. If you get it to work, please share your software.

Ive ordered a 4pi with touch screen, see how that works

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you actually don’t need a screen to use webcontrol (just to set it up), as you
use a browser from any computer/phone/tablet on the same network to manage it.

David Lang

It was only $26 so lets see, will take a few weeks to arrive

You found a Pi with a screen for 26.00???
Please send me the link! are you sure its not just a case with a screen? I bought 2 Pi’s a few weeks ago and they were around 175(without a screen)

probably the 26 is for a 3-4" screen. It was the screen I was saying wasn’t

David Lang

Yep just the case, found a pi4 on Amazon :joy:

a 3-4" screen could be useful in cli mode if you have the console showing the controller messages. I had mine set up to show x/y position, z height, home position, and elapsed time of the current job. I wouldn’t use it as a desktop display though and it was a bit of a process to get it to do that. I was not successful at getting it to show the bounded area of the current job, but it can be useful.