iPad to control Maslow?

So I was watching a video on YouTube today and saw what appeared to be an iPad controlling the Maslow. Is that possible? If so, what CAD program works with iOS or any other tablet for that manner. Thanks!!!

I don’t think ground control works on iOS or Android very easily as stock. You most likely saw a Windows tablet or possibly a laptop. Others might correct me.

Windows…grrrrr. I not trying to sound like a turd or anything, I just can’t stand Windows lately. I/my profession utilize Windows at work and it’s horrible. With my job, sometimes seconds matter and it’s frusterating with all the errors. Totally of subject, just venting. Hopefully there is something iOS. If not, I’ll just use my Mac.

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Sadly, no. I’ve used VNC on my iPad to remote into the PC that was running GroundControl, but since I’m always in the room with the machine while it’s running ayway, couldn’t see the point. Just an ‘interesting exercise’.


I use a Raspberry Pi 3B or > running Ubuntu Mate headless with remote desktop as my controller - See windowless :slight_smile: then use VNC with a Fire tablet to control everything. The point is at that point I can connect from everything.

See this:


The reason for doing it this way is I can use a @$50 tablet as my monitor in a harsh environment where I can afford to replace it if it chokes on Sawdust.

Thank you

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Bee…you’re awesome. Thanks you.

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