Maslow Arduino shield not responding

hello bought my maslow kit months ago … hooked up the boards and motor . coulnd never get the maslow shield to work with the arduino. even swithed to another Arduino board I had I knew works on other things. no go … so it sits in a box . I am getting married in November ,and moving from one home to another. I just don’t have the time to spend with it ,
any help ?? _ I won’t get to fix it till after November SUCKS _


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Don’t spend to much time in the workshop directly after the marriage :wink: ,congrats, unless your wife loves woodchips and dust as well.
To troubleshoot the first question is on what you are running and then how did the Firmware upload go?

Edit: The more details you can provide the faster the troubleshoot will go and perhaps you could have a wonderful “Forever after” cut by then.


well finally wedding ,thanksgiving ,and Christmas over Family all gone . Now I can get ack to my cnc .Well its all still in the boxwith the same problem I left off with . but I am thinkin of either getting another control board , or find someone that can trouble shoot mine .

I would troubleshoot the board in the box first, by answering a few questions.
Where the issue is can be narrowed down by following a few steps and reporting back.
Sometimes pictures help.
We have, for example, a huge club of Members (including myself) that plugged the 12V power supply in the Arduino Mega and not in the shield on top. Sometimes it’s so simple why motors don’t move that you can’t see it.

If you answer the question how the firmware upload went, can already rule the arduino out.
If the firmware uploads without error and an expected response comes from the ‘serial monitor’ in the arduino IDE, then arduino and the serial port connection is fine and we would go on with GroundGontrol to see if we have a confirmed connection there and the report of the shield that it has detected. Test motors and encoders is a built in test, that can give more clues. Uploading the groundcontrol.ini from your user folder can tell support if there is something in the settings that blocks the Maslow moving. The log file in GroundControl folder is 1 more file that can be inspected.

Can you tell us more to help us track down what is going on?

Are you able to connect to the machine over USB? Are both of the green status lights on the controller on? Pictures and screenshots can help us a lot!