Maslow doesn't cut the design 1: 1

Hello, after replacing the Maslow’s shield, I installed a fresh Windows 7 system. Then I uploaded the Arduino firmware and started to calibrate the machine using the Ground Control program.

The calibration was successful so I decided to cut 2 circles in a plywood of 45 cm in diameter. The width is correct, but the height turns out to be 49 cm and it results in an egg shape as shown in the pictures.

When the cutter passed the first stage of cutting, the left side began to slightly reduce the area of ​​the circle. Could you please assist me what might be the problem?

looks like you are cutting in the lower corner? That is typically the hardest place to get precision. You are also not cutting on a flat surface, the sled is tilting off your work piece and creating a bad cut.

Best to cut towards the middle and on a flat surface to avoid these issues, if the circle is still out of round you need to start messing around with calibration values.

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