So I was hoping someone could double check my measurement for my maslow Im using the bolt together easel design when trying to cut the final sled from file I’m getting an oval for some reason I have bees able to cut a small circle at one point which makes me thinks it might be the file for some reason please speak in lamens terms im quite the newb here

Otherwise I’ll be making easter eggs for sale for the holidays lol

For a 120" top beam the distance between motors should be around 3007.6mm

Do you have the ring system?
If you do, please check the following in the “Advanced Settings” tab

  • Kinematics Type = Triangular

Make sure your ring is centered to the router bit, it’s important for accuracy. On the temporary sled it can be easily centered with a simple compass or using a template like this (shared by blurf)

There is not much of a difference between a temporary sled vs a final one, it’s just the outer shape. A circle presents the best possible shape to not get stuck when sliding over pre-existing cuts on the plywood, that’s all

If you want to try a different sled file, here you have one (5.9 KB).