Maslow going off route

During the last pass my Maslow retracted to tab height and went for a detour. The path looked good on makercam and in ground control. No idea what went wrong.image

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do you have the .log file available? that probably includes some information about what happened.

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That log file would be really helpful. We had issues like this in the past, but we’ve had them under control for a while now. In the past this was usually caused by the serial connection losing data. We made some changes to how that part of the code works earlier this week.

Which version are you working with?

Now I have to locate the log file…

It should be in the GroundControl folder

this ground control file?
trying to upload log.txt…

Hmmm it should just be called log.txt

It doesn’t seem to have uploaded :neutral_face:

Maybe it’s too big? About 7,5 mb.
nope, no luck, maybe I can email it to you?
ah, succes as a zip file. (633.6 KB)

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That sounds right…that probably is too big. Let me increase the maximum alowed file size

It should be allowed now

Thank you for finding that file, having it can be really helpful

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Zipping the file should make it significantly smaller. Log files have a lot of repeated text and compress very well. Plus you’ll save a bit of forum space, which adds up over the years

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What about pastebin or other sites where we share files? Should we utilize that when working on issues from different people?

Or simply create a Maslow support repository at github and make a simple guide on how to upload files from the browser.

I suggest Evernote for file sharing -

This is in community garden maybe we should replicate it in a support diagnostics files area dedicated to it?

Thank you

I personally would like to have something that doesn’t require sign up or other stuff.

We should keep it simple when people are having issues and wanna share the files back and fourth. I know that we over time will “lose” some of the files, because they are not kept forever, but would that be so bad?

Stuff that needs to survive should be placed in the repository anyways.

pastefile support max 50 MB and filebin supports 800+ MB

Faster :slight_smile: , open the file in a text editor and use the search function to search for “buffer”.

I did download the file and did the search.

Line 264238: Buffer overflow!
Line 264240: Buffer Used: 127
Line 264242: Buffer Number of Lines: 0
Line 264244: Buffer Begin: 18
Line 264246: Buffer End: 17
Line 264248: Buffer Contents: G2 X64.114213198 Y231.291878173 I5011.454314720812 J-561.959390G2 X94.6345177665 Y405.484771574 I5020.88578680203 J-789.9441624(End of Buffer)
Line 264248: Buffer Contents: G2 X64.114213198 Y231.291878173 I5011.454314720812 J-561.959390G2 X94.6345177665 Y405.484771574 I5020.88578680203 J-789.9441624(End of Buffer)

Now you guys need to do your part - I don’t understand what it says :smile:


The next question is, does this Maslow have a z-motor? We have seen buffer overflow with manual z-adjustment recently, but I have tried several ‘stess-tests’ with automatic Z, without being able to create a buffer overflow.

Edit: More then 264248 lines of g-code look like a perfect ‘stress-test’. If it does not violate copy rights, please upload the gcode.
Edit 2: Ignore edit1, as that is the lines of the log :persevere:

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He has Z-Axis if you read the other post he made:

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Turning truncation on in advanced settings could help This should be made default. Still like to see the gcode and try to replicate the buffer overflow.

Edit: The line before the BO:
Sent: G2 X94.6345177665 Y405.484771574 I5020.88578680203 J-789.9441624365483


I think @Gero is spot on that the issue is that the Gcode is specifying things out to so many decimal places that it uses all the space in the buffer for just one line

I think the solution is to turn on truncation in GC.

For making truncation the default, didn’t we run into issues with small arcs cutting as full circles when we had it as the default?

What about a warning that pops up when a file with too many decimals is loaded warning to turn on truncation? I know we want to support every possible source of Gcode, but this is really an issue with the Gcode file that we’re hiding from the user