Maslow in Australia


Found the Maslow online and have watched a heap of the videos.
Does anyone in Australia have one of these?
What router are you using with it and will it run on 240V?

Welcome. You will find Maslowians on this map. Let’s hope they used the same names as in the forum so you can connect☺️ 🌎 Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) 🌍

Also Router Recommendation (Australia)


Hi Jim,
I have ordered my Maslow and waiting for its arrival.
Have you found many other Maslow owners in OZ. I am in Brisbane, hopefully there are others near by. How are you finding your machine.

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Hi we are in the Brisbane valley and we are looking for a router that we can get in Australia to mount in the Maslow with Z axis and sliding ring on the version.

Hi Denis. I am in Brisbane and am interested in what your experience with the Maslow has been.

There is an Aussie Maslow User Group on FB. So yes, there are…

greets from Bali