Maslow kit for sale $250 - From Arizona (lowered price again!) No Z Axis

I have my original Maslow for sale, never really used it after I assembled it. Like new, I can send pictures if needed. Life took a turn and inspiration came elsewhere i suppose. Wife says its time to make room in the garage. Asking only $250 as it does not have the Z-Axis. Ships from Arizona. Price is a little negotiable, and will ship for free in US (international shipping costs $25 extra) If you have any questions let me know.

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Do you have a paypal account with a verified address?

Was sold?

Not sold yet, it is still available!!!

I am interested. rebuilding our house and this tool would allow me to do some fun projects

perfect! are you in the United States? will send my paypal via PM

Let me know destination to include shipping and I can send you invoice via paypal.

Sigh. Congratulations, your email address has been harvested by the scammers!

Never post an email address in a public forum, that goes double for PayPal accounts. That’s what private messaging is for.

I’d suggest you edit it out, and consider changing your PayPal address

I should have known better, thanks! hopefully damage was minimal, its been less than an hour…

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Let me know if still available… I’m also in AZ so could probably pick up.

put me in line - PM me if you don’t have a buyer yet please. FWW - A friend reached out to me on behalf of a guy looking to support his disabled son as a single father as a result of an accident. He is trying to automate his work to some degree, to have more time to take care of his son.

Thank you

Ok waiting for response from erog, its been nearly 12 hours since Jason_Hastain posted with no further response. Would be nice to finally have interested buyers, after weeks with no activity, I will advise if it sells of course.


It was finally SOLD!!!

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