Maslow kits for sale soon.

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Just for clarification, this looks to me like the @MakerMadeCNC original design Maslow, as opposed to the @Metalmaslow modified design version, correct?

They are offering the updated motor circuit board and I think the rest of the pieces are the same as the original but best to hear it from the horses mouth

Hi there!
Yes it’s the original kit with a bit thicker ring and carriage, also we’ve modified the original TLE5206. @blurfl did an amazing job creating this board, we just tweaked the pcb a little.


There are many nice changes, a job well done!
I’m curious about the pins used for identifying the board version and for the AUX functions. Will the board identify as a new version number? That information is used by the firmware to assign gpio pins for the AUX, very different from version to version.


Hi blurfl
Thanks to you for creating this board! We’ve just polished it a little :slight_smile:
No changes to the firmware needed, it identifies as 1.4


Improvements are a good thing. Will the files be available?

That’s the same as the CommunityGarden version then. :+1: Note that the firmware identifies the TLE5206 board as “PCB v1.3 TLE5206 Detected” in GC (for historical reasons pcbVersion is the strapped value minus 1).

It surprised me that the AUX functions weren’t implemented. Can you share the reasoning?


Yes, as soon as i gain access to edit my project, for some reason i did not get the invitation email to edit it, and the immediate link landed on a 404.

I’ve been out for business for the past three weeks, just posted from the top of my head, will confirm that when i get back, it does get identified and passes test, also work as it should.

We haven’t had time to test or implement aux functions yet, we’ll include it in future versions.

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One thing I’m interested to check on the schematic is whether gpio pins 33 & 34 are left unattached as in the CommunityGarden TLE5206 design, or are grounded as they were in the stock PowerControl boards. Those pins are needed for SPI functions and were kept free for that purpose.

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They were left unattached as in the CommunityGarden TLE5206 design.
Please see pic #3 from the link below.

Can you please give me a pointer on how regain access to my project so i can edit it? should i post an other project and see if it works this time?

Unattached is the good condition :+1:t2:.
The pins in question are two of the group of four in the upper left corner - the two pins closest to the checkmark.

33/34 NOT grounded (#52/#53).