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Looking at the schematic, P1 and P2 are not the same polarity on the 3 motors, and looking at the motor it seems that only mmotor 2 is correct. Is this a typo, or does it not matter?

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The schematic and PCB layout are in fact ‘as built’ and can be shown to work :wink:. The software handles mapping pin assignments to motor functions, and unwinds the reversals.

Any recommended PCB site to order from?

I’ve used ITEAD or JLCPCB with good results. DHL shipping ends up being 90% of the cost :slightly_frowning_face:

@bar Hey Bar, first of all great work bringing us the Maslow. I know you gave the production of new units to Maker Made and you might have seen their new M2 kit? What do you think about it in terms of increasing accuracy around corners etc.? I can see that Calib is easier and Z issues should be gone but still not sure if it will actually improve some accuracy? Cheers.

It seems that the TLE5206 is discontinued. Would any H-bridge with similar specs do fine? Any recommendations?

Though this was addressed to @bar, I’ll chime in. If the firmware is based upon @ldocull’s GRBL port (which I believe is the case) and there’s been no update to it (which I also believe is the case), it’s a pretty simplistic kinematics model. I’ve not seen any comparison between the current kinematics model and the one in the GRBL port to really know which way is beter… you have to test them to truly know. My experience tells me that the current model is more accurate than the GRBL model, but I’m always cognizant of perhaps having a “bias blind spot” because I may believe a particular way is correct.

Regardless, there’s no reason the current model couldn’t be integrated into the GRBL port. You would just need a program to calculate the calibration values from measurements. And if that’s done, my gut feel is that a GRBL-based firmware, with the current kinematics model, would perform better than the current firmware since it manages acceleration better.

Great thanks for replying and it was indeed helpful considering your experience with these. I agree that that M2 kit seems to be mostly just one paying for the new arduino (not expensive to source yourself) and that pre-built Z axis.

I was hoping perhaps above changes will make the accuracy for the occasional 7’ part cut within the 0.5 range but not sure.

It’s a new arduino (due vs. mega currently used) and new motor shield designed specifically to work with the arduino due. The current 5V shields needed level-shifters wired in to work with an arduino due that has 3.3V input/outputs and so it looks like makermade just fabricated a specific board for the due… which is smart to do.

Also note that the M2 kit will not work with the current versions of ground control or webcontrol. You have to use a standard GRBL gcode sender. I’m looking at making webcontrol GRBL compliant, but it takes time to do.

And don’t take any of my comments as trying to be negative toward makermade or the M2 kit. I think it’s a great concept and wish that the original product was built on GRBL. I hope they actively participate on this site when they launch the M2 or maybe set up their own support site to handle questions.

Totally get what you are saying and did not take it negative a bit. Infact quite informative. Being a developer myself I really applaud the time you guys spent most times out of your own free time to bring great tools to the open community so cheers for all your work mate and thank you for the feedback.

I saw they posted a video to facebook and scanned through it (I’m not a regular, or even occasional, facebook user). The calibration process is definitely simpler (just entering measurements of your frame). I also saw they aren’t calling it a Maslow so assume they will be establishing some sort of support system for it.

Same with Facebook but made a fake profile just to watch it. What’s interesting in that same video they said that they want people to still come to this site and heaps of community support here.

And yes not calling it Maslow just M2 as they state they been working on this new design for past year.

Personally I see the Z axis mod on forums here already but yes there’s the new board there that looks well for future use plus laser etc. I am still not sure how that becomes a $999 kit their full price as they say once shipping starts that will be the price.

Well wish them the best and perhaps they will take on their own support site which will help future M2 users for sure.

I can’t provide too much insight because I haven’t seen one in person yet, but I am generally excited to see them trying new things and pushing things forwards. I agree that GRBL is totally the way to go and I wish I had started there. I agree that the price is a little bit high for my taste, but I’m sure they are doing their best to keep it affordable and I don’t think they are price gouging or anything like that. I’m hoping I can get my hands on one to do a more in depth review

Thanks for your feedback Bar. Yep will be great to see your review when you do get hands on one.

Increasing the price from $412 to $550 + shipping all because they included a $5 piece of wood called “pre calibrated” sled and a $1 usb stick, while still using a faulty shield, isn’t it price gouging?

The “new” M2 seems to be an Arduino Due with the @Idocull shield renamed “onboard computer”, the same old motors now called “Professional motors”, $50 worth of ebay aluminum profile and flimsy 3d printer parts, a software that cannot be used with Ground Control hence they had to hardcode the calibration parameters and hope for the best, suddenly it becomes a $1000 machine?

Very sad to see the direction this project has taken, from a nice place where makers where helping makers to a greedy place where new users are fooled on a daily bases, fortunately there are still two more good and honest choices out there.


First of all let me state that your post made me think a bit and I mean no disrespect or offense in my comments. It isn’t my intent to start name calling or anything like that, so now that is out of the way…

The business people have a saying that the “market is always right.” If the people vote with their wallets and accept the M2, then it will work. I’m not against a small company providing a product and as a business profiting off of their efforts to improve and refresh the product. Trying to stay in business by making money isn’t price gouging, it is business. If it costs too much, basic economics will follow and they either have to lower their price or they go out of business. The M2 comes with a new shield and the pre-cut sled. I agree their asking price is higher than my budget, so I choose to not buy one, but I think your rant is a little more emotional than logical. If they added $50 of precut aluminum profile as you stated, and added the $50 precut sled (which is what I paid for mine before the M2 came out) and a little for their time and effort in incorporating the new processor and firmware, the gouging argument is merely inflammatory.
The USB stick is more a marketing swag than anything because the latest software should all be downloaded, not installed from the stick. The great thing about this forum is we don’t have to agree on everything. I really hope the price increase represents value and new maslow users feel it is worth the price. In the end, you may have it right. Thanks for sharing your opinion. It made me think and that’s why I responded.

That’s kind of how I feel about the M2 as well; with the C-channel Z-axis I’m building I’ll end up with a similar machine albeit without the new electronics.

However, given the quality of the electronics I’ve received from them in my original kit (one heatsink fell off the moment I got the thing out of the bag), I’m not holding my breath too much. They’re still shipping shields based on the original design as well; not the improved, TLE5206-based version. Luckily, I had already got one of the new shields when they came out (I originally intended to do a from-scratch build and source everything myself).

Everything else I got from them was fine, and they were the only one that originally responded to my inquiry about getting a kit without the electronics, so they do have good customer support, at least.
Above article and the spec sheet below

state the L298 chips have thermal protection. Article also states max amperage is more like 1.59amps vs 2amps.
Why then do we have people that have run the chips so hot they they fall of the board?

Would the through hole version of this chip with a bolt on heat sink provide better thermal protection? Would the through hole version require any changes to the 1.26 firmware?