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Maslow m2 gpio spindle control

hi all,

i have ordered my maslow m2 kit and picking up the rest of the required parts

i already setup a raspberry pi for webcontrol, makita rt0700 got delivered and an old notebook is ready for the jobs.

my question:

i want the spindle and the vacuum turned on when the job starts and off, when its finished

on the original maslow board are these aux ports. the seem to be missing on the m2 board, am i right?

is there a way to get this running?



you will need to add the aux ports to the firmware and find a way to break out one of the pins that isn’t connected on the shield. Is your M2 board the one with the side connections for the motors? There is a Z+ and Z- plug port on them, but I thought it was connected to a pin that was in use. I’d start there, but you can get a shield spacer board that will fit between your due and the shield that will allow you to get access to all the other pins.

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thank you for pointing me into the right direction. i was so fixed on the shield. of course all the free arduino gpio pins should be usable modifying the firmware.