Trouble connecting Makerverse M2 Due

I recently got my Maslow all hooked up and am having trouble with connecting anything to my computer. I’m running Windows 10 on a surface pro 5. 64bit system. I have check all my connections and tried to install the firmware on the USB drive that came with Maslow. It is Arduino 1.8.13. I’m very new to this and really don’t know what to do. I get an error when trying to run the firmware or compile sketch (MaslowDue.h: No such file or directory). When I plug everything in and connect to my computer and open Makerverse and refresh my ports I only get COM3, COM4, COM5. The Arduino Due board does not show up and I have no code in the console at all. Any Idea what I’m doing wrong or what I need to do to get up and running.Thanks

Your arduino due should have arrived preloaded with the firmware needed to operate. The Due has 2 USB ports for connection. Did you try them both? You should be connected to the “programming port” which is the one closer to the mid point of that side / end of the board. Does one of the Com ports disappear when you unplug the Due? if you look in your device manager under serial ports, do you see one appear/disapear when you plug/unplug the due?

For the unfound file or directory, it sounds like you need to completely unzip the maslowdue archive. If you click into the zip file, to open it with the arduino IDE, then it will only find the one file you open and not all the dependencies that go along with it.

Thank you for your reply. To answer the questions yes I did try both ports, and currently plugged into the mid port it was uncovered when I received it. Yes, one of the port disappears COM5 disappears when plugged into the mid port and COM6 disappears when plugged into the top port closes to the power supply. I believe COM5 is the port I need. On the Fireware I’m trying to install it off the USB that came with it and when I open it up it is not currently zipped.

Do you think you could post a screenshot of the error message?

Yes, I can upload it. But I think I got it resolve at least for now. I was able to get the Maslow up and running. Still have a few bugs to work out. Do you happen to know where I could get information on how to move around in the Makerverse Program?

I just made a video on calibrating with makerverse. It kind of shows some of the makerverse items, so hopefully it will be helpful. I’ll see about doing another one on the basics of makerverse… gcode, moving the cut location, zeroing the z axis, resetting the chains…

Thanks, I will check out the video. Also, I may be speaking too soon but does the above video talk about the probe and where to adjust the depth and how many passes to make, Starting points, etc One other thing do you know how to center design on the material from the Grid in makerverse. I wish Makervers had a user manual.

Yes and No. The probe is a separate attachement for setting the z axis zero. I have the parts to set one up, but have not yet done so. The depths and passes are something handled by the gcode generation software (estlcam, carbide create, f360, etc.) while ,akerverse is the gcode sender and only reads the gcode and communicates it line by line to the controller. I have started a manual in the wiki section for makerverse. Very rough…