Maslow Mark II - circular saw adapter

Many jobs in my workshop involves long, straight cuts. Having build gantry type Maslow, a natural extension of functionality is circular saw adapter. Here is my proof of concept prototype.
I found hand saw made by Kawasaki, type K-TRS 1200-56 suited very well to my purpose. It is spring loaded so motor and blade pops up, have 45deg mitra and weights around 8kg. In Fusion 360 I design sled and cut it on my Maslow: three operation - pocketing, slot and contour cutting (circle in the center is left over from my first Maslow sled).

I design and printed modified rollers used for Mark II with additional ball bearings and latch. I mounted furniture magnetic catch on four latches.

This way I can fix position of my saw blade horizontally (for ripping)

or vertically (for cutting)

Another set of magnets is used to lock gantry in position. I used a pair for every corner of gantry - if polarity is correct (NSNS) holding force is stronger

Maslow sled is is removed and chains secured - I do not want to loose calibration;

Now I can insert to gantry the table saw assembly in place of router sled;
Operation is simple: material is placed on the table; saw is moved to the ripping position and latches locks saw in place.

Depth of cutting is set and gantry is moved by hand, (picture after ripping)

For cutting, sled is flipped 90deg, gantry moved to desired position;

and locked by magnets;

Here is short video of cutting

This is my first build and I see a lot of challenges ahead: material handling must be improved - how to hold it and move around, how to precisely measure cut distances, are magnetic latches good enough, is whole assembly robust for quick set up and going from Maslow operation to table saw operation and back, etc. etc. - only practice will show - here is overview of sled assembly.

Modified rollers are already in Garden. Latches can be cut from plywood on Maslow. Support plate depend on the saw model.
I will let you know how whole assembly performs after couple of projects. Spring is in full swing, garden require attention and my daughter waits for her SUP… “I need a vacation”


WOW! Will have to steal time for the details, WOW!


Nice!!! had very similar ideas but had not gotten down to the build level yet!

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for those in USA imports a similar track saw, ebay has them under other brand names like foxconn, WEN, etc. around $150.00 It looks like different companies just slap their logo on a mass produced Chinese version. Personally I prefer using a track saw to a wall mounted saw, but very nice concept.


Wow!!! Awesome!!

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Nice build. However, you might want to edit the thread title. Unless your ultimate plan is to attach a table saw to your gantry!

I feel like this does some of the things a table saw would take care of. This was my justification for accepting the title anyway :smiley:!

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Thank you @jwolter ;-))


Cool! You’ve created what is commonly called a ‘Panel Saw’. If you search for that term, you should see many examples online of other builds that can serve as inspiration for future upgrades.

I would like to see a picture of how you connect your maslow back on to this system! Looks really great!! ( i have build a not so good version but wil make a saw adapter for my maslow!!)

I have two carriages: one for circular saw and one for Maslow. Just disconnect chains from Maslow ring, remove carriage, place the second one with saw (see description above). Going back to Maslow arrangement is just a matter of removing carriage with saw, placing Maslow carriage, connecting chains to the ring, and you done. If you keep chain on the sprocket (as shown on the picture above), calibration is maintained.
Good luck with your build.

stupid question then maybe :sweat_smile:, but why is there a center hole in your circular saw? is t for better aligning? or was it an old maslow sled?

Well - I am very cheap and used scrap plywood from my previous wooden Maslow’s sled (zero waste policy ;-))
Good eye - and no such thing like “stupid question”.

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Anyone feel like that might be spam? circular saw are you a real person?

14 months later, yes :laughing:, I feel the same … He hasn’t been back to answer you

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