Maslow new in box: officially sold 2/19/18

Hey All… Its with lots of sadness that I have to list my maslow for sale. I wanted it since the first time I saw it on kickstarter and was so psyched the day it arrived. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I have to sell mine.
It is still in the box and only opened the box to double check that it was indeed maslow…
It also has the z axis cuz i wanted to go big when i ordered it.

I paid $423 usd with shipping for it. Would like to get $390 with shipping included for it…shipping to US only.

I hope someone will be able to enjoy it as much as i wish i had been able to!!! ( maybe someday I’ll get another chance …)

Ps… i work overnights so i will apologize for any delayed time in response


Hi Heather,

I would love to pick this up. Do you know if this kit is the same as the ones currently shipping out?


Hello Andrew yes. I was on the original dollar waiting list and was part of the first ship outs after all the original sponsored ship outs from kickstarter. I received it this past oct/novemeber i believe. I would have to check the box for its exact ship date

Hello Andrew
Were you still interested in my maslow?

If Andrew doesn’t buy it, I will. I’m not sure how how you want to arrange payment and contact details. Let me know.

Hi Robert
I had one other person after Andrew/ before you. That was still interested. I never heard back from Andrew and have just now offered it to the next person on the list. If I dont hear back from that person or they no longer want it I will let you know.
Thank you for your interest

ok, we’ll wait and see what happens.

Sent a reminder for payment will let you know if payment is made by this evening … if not i will accept google wallet payment or paypal.
Thank you again for your continued interest

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The Maslow is officially sold