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Maslow Orders Open **1/2 Update Inside** SHIPPING NOW!



Hi, And what about only z-axis kit? Will be available too?


In the future, we will have individual components available.

Right now we are working hard to release the complete kits, but we definitely have plans to sell sub components like the z-axis kits.


Got some video from TJ today. He went to the chain factory and got some footage of our order being made!

Data speeds out of China aren’t super awesome so he uploaded to youtube so I could share.


Wow. Thanks for sharing!


At the time of this post we have just 21 pre-orders remaining that include free word-wide shipping!

We also have some pretty great updates. TJ went to the metal factory yesterday (last night) and verified that our complete order has been made and is at powder coating right now. We also received an update that the components are arriving for the motor shields, so we should be receiving those in the next few days as well.

The mold for the USB drives is being made, so we should be seeing some finished pictures of those soon too!

We have also decided to add the Aux 1 and Aux 4 headers to the motor shield so people can experiment with the additional features available with those outputs.

Big thanks to @bar for making this an easy transition and we look forward to seeing everyone’s projects they make with these new kits!

Be on the lookout for some new pictures and videos soon. TJ is working on uploading to our dropbox account so I can share them all with everyone.


They will probably be all gone by Thursday when the newsletter comes out, but brace yourself for another batch then!


We have 138 partial deposit pre-orders available! They don’t have free shipping but still a great way for people to reserve a kit before they ship.


Our free shipping full price pre-orders have sold out!

Very excited to see so much participation from the community.

We do have 138 partial deposit pre-orders available. This is a $200 deposit now and when we start shipping the kits in Early December you will get an invoice for the remaining balance plus shipping. A great way to reserve your spot. These things are going to go fast!

We have also added a USB drive with sample projects and firmware files to all of our kits! Here’s a picture of them below.

Stay tuned for more updates. We have a lot of inventory coming in this week and next. We will be posting pictures of everything as it arrives.


More excitement at Maker Made today!

We got our USB drives. They will be 16GB and come pre-loaded with all necessary firmware and we are even including 10 sample projects!

Here’s a look at the drives. Note They will also have a lanyard attached so you can hang it on the side of your frame. We just haven’t received the lanyards yet.

Our motor shields were partially completed as of last night. They should be finishing them up as we speak and packaging for delivery to the consolidation facility!

Based on community feedback, Bar felt it was best for us to brand our production runs with our name instead of using the maslow name. This is why our name is on the boards. This will also help us keep track of which boards are our responsibility for warranties and such. All credit is provided to Maslow on our website and all documentation is linked directly to the community.

We are also including headers on Aux 1 and Aux 4 so users can explore their functionality if they choose to.

Stay tuned for more updates. Should have them coming in every day or so now!


Picked up the final proofs for our packaging today!

Since we are shipping factory direct, we can’t use the flat rate boxes like Bar did. Made sure we got heavy duty C-Flute corrugate so they can stand up to the journey ahead!


those seem like really big boxes, about double the size of a medium flat rate box? Are you aware that DHL and other shippers charge on volume and weight? You could probabaly save Thousands of $$$$ by using a smaller box.


Nuff Said…



The picture is pretty deceptive. The boxes are only 2" taller than the flat rate boxes Bar used.

I appreciate you thinking of us on the shipping fees though.


Power adapters, arduinos, motor shields, wiring harnesses have arrived at the consolidation facility.

Ring kits and “L” brackets should be arriving Monday!

Then we will be able to perform final inventory and start packaging our kits!


More arrivals at the consolidation facility!
Bags and bags of hardware are on site and beginning to be broken up into hardware bags for the kits.

Chains have also been bagged and ready for kitting.

Lastly, the boxes have arrived from the printers.

Only a few more components remaining, and we will be in a packaging frenzy!


Oh wow! Great progress!!! Very excited that this is coming together for you. There is a lot more detail here then on your Twitter account. :wink:


Got some more updates from TJ.

The “L” brackets and Rings have arrived from powdercoating and are getting bundled for shipping. Also almost done putting all of the hardware bags together!


Well I know we have been saying December shipping the entire time…

But TJ has managed to crunch all of our timelines and get us to where we are today.

We are printing shipping labels MONDAY!!!

If you ordered a kit from us, be on the lookout for your tracking information in an email.

So excited to get these out to everyone early!


Congratulations! Well Done.


Here’s a picture of the kits getting ready for shipping labels!