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Maslow Orders Open **1/2 Update Inside** SHIPPING NOW!



What is shipping speed from China to USA? Epacket slow or fast Dhl? I’m impressed you got everything together so fast.


We are using a mix of slow and fast. We will ultimately be using the same priority mail method that @bar has used in the past for US deliveries.


Successfully received the test shipments today. Everything is ready for shipping!

You can expect to see kits leaving for their new homes early next week.

Here’s a quick picture of how everything will look when you get it.


Cool! What are the sample projects you’re sending out on the drives?
That’s a great idea!


We have some basic projects like shelves and yard signs and some more elaborate designs like a moosehead, rocket, and fighter jet.


I thought for a moment too long and unfortunately this batch is already sold out :frowning:

my bad…

One question (I know, it is one you may have heard 100s of times before) but do you plan on future batches (I would love to work some wooooood :slight_smile: )…?


Future batches are definitely coming!

We have opened a pre-order for January shipping today if you would like to go that route.


that sounds amazing. However, in your shop I cannot anything to the cart (or is it just me)…


No, Both items show “out of stock” so the ‘add to cart’ buttom is greyed out (blued out actually).


Sorry for that. It should be working now!


Cool… One question (if I might): can you roughly estimate shipping to Germany / Europe…

of course I know, that I have to take care of income taxes etc.


Our shipping is $50. The kit will ship directly from the consolidation facility in China.


If I ordered one of the full kits when could I expect to receive it?


We are currently accepting orders for January shipping. All of our kits for December shipping have been sold and will actually be shipping in the next few days. We are hoping to beat our shipping estimate for January as well, but no guarantees.



I am (and certainly many people) suspicious about the means of payment.

Because we can not pay with PayPal.

And our credit card numbers they seem to be stored in your website database…

We can not pay you using directly our Stripe account,(like PayPal system) ? Or add PayPal payement solution ?

No wonder you do not have many preorders now. Buyers do not feel reassured. We need a secure payement & disputes management system. :wink:

As soon as PayPal is available on your site, I will hasten to order, and I’m sure you’ll be successful !


You can pay with your stripe account. The purple “buy now” button is for that. Our checkout process is also an iFrame from stripe. We used to use the newer pop up modal, but we were having rendering issues with internet explorer users.

We haven’t integrated paypal for checkout because their terms do not allow pre-order sales, as they require a tracking number to validate the transaction. We plan to allow paypal in the future when we have in stock inventory available but right now it isn’t feasible for us.

I can assure you that none of your card information is being cached or stored anywhere within our site. Our entire checkout process and card information is SSL protected and being passed directly to stripe via an iFrame. None of that data resides on our environment at all.

As far as security, we meet all PCI DSS standards for e-commerce and do everything required to maintain that standard.


Ship day has arrived!

78 of our international orders have shipped from China and today 210 kits went out to customers in the US and Canada from Chicago!! We have a total of 288 kits on the way to their new homes!!


great job!


Good work guys!

Thank you


I got contacted by DHL to pay import tax (almost 60 EUR) in the Netherlands.
The sender was EC-BEST IN SOLUTIONS PTE LTD, and had a description “CUTTING WOOD”.

I don’t know who EC-BEST IN SOLUTIONS PTE LTD (from singapore?), is this coming from makermadecnc???