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Maslow Orders Open **1/2 Update Inside** SHIPPING NOW!



I’ m pleased to announce that our January shipping group has been consolidated and all the domestic units have arrived stateside!

If you purchased a partial deposit, be on the lookout for your final invoice this week.

Kits will start shipping next week!

We are also happy to report that we are now accepting PayPal as a form of payment!!


Any updates on shipping? The frame is built and shop cleaned up, just waiting for hardware!


Talked to them yesterday and they said they are hoping to ship on Monday


January orders are arriving! I got mine today :slight_smile:


Should be getting mine Tues!


Same here! Though I don’t expect to have it up and cutting until late February.


Mine scheduled to arrive today!!!


My kit arrived today as scheduled (way to go post office) and in the snow as well. Everything in the box matched the inventory/parts list. I am looking forward to getting this up and running! Thanks for the great service!!!


My kit arrived today, after a bit of a weather delay. Everything seems to be in order, and I’ll be getting my frame materials together this weekend!


Any kits assembled and working? Reviews?


Quite a few! We have a bunch of customer photos and projects on our Facebook page.



Kits will be shipped tomorrow.




Well that explains it; I look at FacePlant a handful of times a year and a lot of that is fixing Mrs Moose’s clicks on cute looking malware links :roll_eyes:


Are there kits available to purchase now?


They are! We have some in stock and ready to ship!


I ordered a kit and the status says “completed” could you please give me an idea when it will be shipped?
Also the “Contact Us” form on your website doesn’t seem to be working.
Thanks, Bob


If it is marked completed, then it has shipped. Tracking notifications go to the email you used to create your account and are also listed in the notes section of your order details.


Thanks,I just received your email with the tracking number.


Hi! My payment was on January 15, and the status of the order is still “Processing”, so please if you could tell me me when will it be “Completed” and shipped, since today is the last day of February.


Please send us an email at with your order number and we will get you an accurate status update for your kit.