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Maslow Orders Open **1/2 Update Inside** SHIPPING NOW!



DHL ALMOST ALWAYS collects duties and taxes on stuff I buy so I would say just pay up and make your government happy. It’s not DHL"s fault the government makes them collect these types of taxes.


Even if you could pay with paypal, you would be better off using a credit card because most credit cards have a minimum of 60 days buyer protection and some have 60 days AFTER expected delivery date and some are even longer. Paypal has a measly 45 days last time I checked. I even have a mastercard that will generate virtual credit card one time use card numbers for online purchases.

As far as websites storing credit card numbers goes NONE of the major shopping cart websites give sellers access to buyers credit card numbers. Shops like Etsy, Ebay, shopify, etc. handle the transaction, take their small percentage cut and pay the seller.

In short paypal used to be good for online transactions, but other companies have leapfrogged ahead and are better IMHO.


Please read my question more carefully.

I got a unknown package from EC a company based in Singapore. I want to know if this is the maslow kit. I am not in the business in just accepting unknown packages.

Also last time I checked, Singapore is not China… unless I missed something.


email the tracking number to the seller and they can tell you. this is support forum, business matters are best handled with direct communication with vendor.


Just got your email. Will reply to you there.



I made an order for a full-price kit on 11/23. Does that also include the z-axis kit? I thought it did, but when I went back to look at my order information it only said with sample projects.


It does! All of our kits include the z axis.


Awesome work! Now onto the January kits for those of us with late christmas presents :slight_smile:


Hi Chris, any update on my email (didn’t see a reply in my inbox)? I need a confirmation soon. The shipment is arriving today.

BTW the order status on makermadecnc is still: Processing


I just received my MM-CNC today from Singapore. Just to add some precision to the above statement which is not exacty true. DHL adds a processing fee ontop of your government taxes. In my case, DHL’s processing fees totaled 17.50€, which doubled the 19€ in sales-tax that I had to pay here in France, bringing the total shipping fees to 36€. So when MakerMade indicates ‘free shipping’… I assume that MakerMade paid something upfront. Are we double paying DHL for the same service rendered? I understand paying the salestax, but not a transaction fee.


if you ran a business and the government forced you to hire some one to keep records and submit duties, you have to recoop that expense some how, which it looks like DHL is calling their processing fee. sucks, but makes sense. Free shipping generally does not include duties taxes and other fees in my experience. in the USA we rarely get charged duties on small items, but when we do, it is unexpected and sucks.


Uploading: 2018120

Received the package will take some time to know if its complete. Assuming it is.

Looks like the link to is not working, getting a 404.


Just a quick update.

Our first batch of 300 kits has been delivered!

With that said, we are now prepping to ship out orders that were scheduled for January shipping. We still have a few available for that group, so if you want to buy a kit that will ship in less than a week, now is the time to buy.


Awesome! Looking forward to seeing my order flip over from “processing”, not so much looking forward to the labors of getting the garage organized enough to set it up.


I second that… Ive got to clean the shop, build the frame and buy a router.


Any chance you’re going to offer a standalone Z-axis kit?

I bought the previous Maslow kit without z-axis as I hadn’t chosen a router … by the time i did, they were gone.

Being a novice I’m kinda stuck without it.


Hi !
I tried to order full kit for Europe but when checking out, no more kit available for january shipping…
Is it correct or (hope) just a bug in the online store ?

Thanks for your work !


does this shipment going out include the partial pre-orders, meaning we can expect our second invoice soon-ish?



Correct! The final invoices will be sent out either later today or tomorrow.


@Chomolung our January shipping group has sold out. We do have a February group open now that is accepting orders though.