Maslow Pen Plotter Application

I have been really wanting to build an upright pen plotter to draw on a white board, and was wondering if it would be possible to apply the Maslow cnc to that application. I would definitely scale down the motors on my own(would not buy kit but just parts of it), but I have very little programming knowledge and am unsure how I would adjust the settings involved in the project.
Any advice would be greatly welcomed, thank you!

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I found this that might help… Same concept as Maslow…

Check it out! :smiley:
In the description it says it is a tutorial or something like that.

If all you want to do is draw on a whiteboard, Maslow is likely more than you would need.

That said, you could certainly set it up to both draw on a whiteboard and cut things. I have been adapting my maslow to hold a sharpie so I can use it to draw on plywood.