Pen or marker use

Using marker or pin on Maslow4? I saw videos just a few minutes ago about using a pen or marker on a cnc to draw path to make a drawing or to check tool path.i am sure the kobalt router could hold marker without much difficulties. Thinking dewalt would have to have an offset for it to work. Being new to this i am thinking this might be useful. Wondering what others think.

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The pen sounds like a great idea when working with foam & hot knife cutting.

Have the maslow4 “quickly” ink out the lines (given there isn’t any cutting resistance), take your foamboard then hot knife (or “hot wire”) it. That would allow you to exceed the maslow’s depth limitation for foam.

Using a hot knife should make cutting even faster than the maslow - like buttery smooth & fast. Sure, you give up the full automation aspect. But for rapid prototyping & other “good enough” situations, it’s a win.

There are definitely pens that you can put in a router collet, but a lot of them are designed for 1/2 inch routers so they might not fit in ours. It shouldn’t be too hard to make one that would though.

I found an adapter online that i believe will work with maslow4. It is a modification of a type sold on woodcrafters for $70. I believe the same type could be 3d printed. But is am just starting with 3d printing. It seems to me calibration runs would not need to waste wood and bit wear by using a pen. Plus i may be using a lot of manual g code commands. Due to arm and leg tremors, i cannot use normal hand tools very well. I figure that i should be able to tell machine what i want however.
The adapter has 1/4" shaft so can fit colket. Has spring then offset that holds marker about 45 degrees to where point is near center. The kit i bought has a ring as well that can clamp to dwp611 router. But maslow4 leaves no room for another clamp. I figure it is going to be worth a try.

The community garden has plans for one.

Also a bunch on thingiverse that you can 3d print or have printed


I have now received marker holder with 1/4" bolt that fits collet in dewalt and other routers. But distance from bottom of nut to pen contact measures 3.6 inches. I am wondering if there is enough z axis movemeny to compensate. Or if maybe a sled under the sled will be necesary when using the pen.

Marker holder was purchased from etsy or $30 if others are interested


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Yeah, that seems a little long to fit :slightly_frowning_face:

Wondering if it might fit if attached to bottom of z axis rather than un the collet. That would allow pen up and down movement of marker. Might modify design to keep pen centered.


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