Maslow unresponsive!

I have had to connect the com port multiple times. It won’t stay marked “com 3”. I close or “connect” and it says “not connected” at the bottom.
I’m hoping this is under the correct sub-category of software. If I was sure I might have a clue what was going on.:thinking:
I’m hoping it’s something simple thing that someone can share and make me feel silly!
I’ve had it seem like this before but it’s always been simple, (ie. assignment of port, connection broken). I’m at a loss. Please help. I have a project due today.:sweat:

Fortunately I have turned everything off and back on. Of course :blush:! I had done everything separately but I did everything this time. I suspect it’s my computer which will be swapped out after this project. Whew!:relieved: It’s working!


Glad you figured it out!
I had to switch to a shorter/better cable to get my connection issues sorted in the past.

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Good tip. I know the shorter the better in this context but I am actually hoping for more length in order to have work flow. Do you know if the expensive shielded (longer) USB cable is worth it?

Yeah, you should get better results from better hardware. Also, if you’re running a vacuum (or sometimes even your router) from the same plug, you may have issues with the signal noise they generate.

The ferrite beads I bought also seemed to help a good bit with signal noise. Ultimately for me, switching to a 1ft shielded cord was the silver bullet (I have a thinkpad mounted to the middle of my frame). Honestly, I didn’t ever buy a longer “nice” shielded cable though, so I cant really speak from experience there.

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Unfortunately I have run into a worse situation. Sled not keeping up error because chain wrapped around sprocket. Now chains are off and I’m trying to calibrate… And it won’t stay connected. I’m using a very short Arduino USB