Maslow wanted can't wait till July!

Message me if you have a maslow for sale please


Haha, i just recieved mine, i’ve been waiting since july :slight_smile:


@Dag83 we got one back that somehow bounced off customs in Europe earlier this week and I was so scared it was yours. We would have sent it by DHL or something to make sure it got back to you right away, but that still would have been a bummer.

Nope, not mine, mine is installed, ready to be taken appart again and calibrated when the move is done. (i might try to sneak past the wife to the garage at some point before the move) :smiley:


I just posted mine for sale (in the Swap Meet section). Still looking? If interested, let me know.

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Yes still looking! Please email or text me 8087813493 or
Thank you!

Just sent you an email…

Hi Roland,

thanks for your reply. have you used the maslow? what condition is it in?

address is:

joseph hudgins

910 kapahulu ave.


honolulu, hi


thank you

Hi Joseph,

I’ll look up the shipping cost tonight.

I had more details on my other post. Here is a copy of it. Let me know if you’re interested.

I have a kit for sale. I assembled it, used it for a few projects, but I need the space in my garage now and the noise is a bit of an issue for me. I disassembled it. All the hardware is back in bags except the ring, etc. that are still mounted to the sled (final cut). I figured whoever gets it may want to save a few hours of assembly.

The frame I built was the bolt-together design and I will include the hardware for it too. If you prefer to build the original frame, you’ll have the wood screws for this too (may be missing a couple).

I am selling this with the Rigid Router R22002 that I bought new for this project. I also have the Z-Axis kit. I paid $423 for the Maslow CNC Kit including the Z-Axis and $159 for the router. And I will include a new bit as well. So, with the frame hardware, I have $600+ in it. I will sell everything for $500 plus shipping. Local pickup welcome too (I’m near Sacramento, CA).

If you are interested, let me know! It’s ready to go."


ok sounds good, yeah I’ll take it all, router too, thank you

The original box was a medium flat-rate box from the post office. If you can
re-pack it into a box that size (or even if you have to go up to a large), that
is going to be your cheapest shipping option in almost all cases.

Eh you got room on Kapahulu for a Maslow? I’m down the street in Makiki and barely have room!



gonna be tight, I’m in a condo, using my daughters old room. my neighbors gonna hate me with the noise, haha. you got yours up and running?

Mine is still in the box, not opened. I haven’t had the energy to build the frame yet or the desire to annoy the neighborhood with the constant whine of the router. I have a Glowforge and it’s already crazy loud.

I also seen this

Joe in Hawaii (or anybody), still need a Maslow kit? I’ve got an unopened kit with Z axis, and I’m happy to ship to you.

Might want to start a separate topic; your offer will be more visible that way

Thanks mooselake, I did :slight_smile:

I guess my kit doesn’t have the “ring” upgrade? I’m a loser and haven’t paid attention to the nature of that upgrade.