Maslow will not cut

I am running a Mega 2560 with 51.28 firmware and Makerverse 1.1.3 running on Winows 10. I load an .nc file and when I press play, the sled moves to starting position, lowers the router and then stops. The following is in the console window and the Abort error is in a read box in the upper screen. I can’t seem to find a solution. It happens with any file I load. I can jog the sled to anywhere on the board. Any ideas?

G0 Z6
G0 X-193.485 Y32.064
G0 Z4
G1 X-193.485 Y32.064 Z-5
G2 X-191.994 Y28.589 Z-5
G3 X-189.895 Y22.438 Z-5
ALARM:3 (Abort during cycle)
position loaded at:

Abort during cycle
Reset while in motion. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden halt. Re-homing is highly recommended.

Hmmm…can you post the gcode file that it is running? (46.2 KB)

Does it always happen at the same time…ie a few lines into the file?

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with that file. Does it happen with this file?

100mm Square Test (7.9 KB)

Any file I tried. The sled would move to the starting position of the cut, plunge the router and then stop. I wiped my EEPROM tonite and was going to recalibrate tomorrow. I will keep you posted. Thank you!

what happens when you just manually lower the Z into the work? can it go beyond the point where it is currently stopping when running the gcode?

Basically, can you manually re-create the fault that is being generated automatically.

I wiped EEPROM and loaded the firmware. I deleted my workspace and created a new workspace. Got it calibrated to 3MM and called it good. I loaded your file and it cut with no problem. I moved to a different space and it cut fine. I created a 200MM file. It cut 100mm and then came up with the error from before. I have attached both a text file of the console and the nc file I created. I dl the maslow logo from the garden and it cuts until the first direction change, I dl fold flat chair from the garden and it moves to start, router goes down, cuts a small circle and then stops (6.6 KB)
200MM console.txt (636 Bytes)

not sure I know what you would like me to try. Thanks for the response

my thought at the time was that you were having a z-axis binding issue. i was suggesting that you manually move the Z up and down to see if it was binding. since then though you determined that that is probably not the case because you were able to progress beyond the point you were getting the fault. My suggestion is now probably moot.

Yeah, the Z axis seems to be working fine. Thanks

I’m not sure that I have actually seen this error message before so it might be a MakerMade thing. Is it possible to try with WebControl? I’m getting a bit out of my area of knowledge here.

I will dl and give it a try. Will let you know

I’m having the exact same problem here. This is the first program i have run since i moved and recalibrated with makerverse. Webcontrol was on another machine, which ran okay but because there were some improvements with makerverse, i shifted to that. I used estlcam to generate the .nc file. looks all okay. I am hoping there is an answer.


So you had the problem only on Makerverse?

I loaded webcontrol, recalibrated and everything seems to work fine. Must be an issue with makerverse

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That’s good to know. It seems like maybe MakerVerse is going through a bit of a rough patch. I’m glad that you found a solution.