Z-Axis Jog in WebControl Won’t Work

I’m testing the parts of a Maslow kit and I cannot get passed these errors for the z-axis. The z-axis test passes fine in both directions, and reports position change. However when I try to use the z jog buttons in webcontrol, I get alert popups for “error with moving to index” or “error with moving to Z move” and no motor movement. If I try to use the z-axis window, the zero button makes the motor twitch, trying to use the direction buttons however makes the motor twitch and move an uncorrelated distance once, with no position update in webcontrol, and an alarm comes up saying “sled not keeping up.” The direction buttons don’t command anymore twitches or movements until the stop button is clicked and clears the error.

Kinda stumped. This is all stock, and my first time working with Maslow so I’m hoping it’s something stupid I’m missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Guess I have a minor update, starting to think the webcontrol portion is what’s broken.

I’m working on a man in the middle device to emulate the brushed motor and quadrature encoder for the purpose of making a stepper work for the z-axis instead of trying to figure out how to reconfigure the Maslow main code to run a stepper. Could probably have figured it out, but eh, this way seemed easier with the parts I had on hand.

Anyway, the quadrature emulation works, and webcontrol reports the position change like in the motor test, so I think somethings broken with the webcontrol z-axis jog controls, it really should have everything it needs without throwing an error on the normal motors. Unless there’s still some weird setting I missed. Still open to suggestions.