Ground control z-axis set up not working

Hello, I received the Maslow set up for Christmas and I am in the process of calibrating. When I get to the z-axis part and try to set zero my z-axis motor does not move. When I try to raise and lower it only the x-y motors hum.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am VERY new to this and am excited to learn more as I go.
Thanks in advanced

Also I just noticed when I skipped the z-axis step and had the machine go to the 5 cut test shape the z motor is getting hot even thought it is not rotating. I even removed it from the coupler.

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Well I got the motor working by taking the back off and spinning it wit my hand. It must of been frozen from shipping or locked for some reason.
Now it is working opposite of what it should be.
It plunges when it last supposed to raise and vise versus.
Where can I change the direction of the Motor?

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Well I found the post where it was said to change the z-axis pitch setting to - . And it worked.
Iā€™m sure I will have a ton more question. But I will try a bit harder looking for answers before I start asking questions in the future. LOL !


Glad you found what you needed. Keep asking questions.