Strange calibration

This isn’t a problem as such, I’m just curious. I started the Maslow up after a break, I need to check the calibration. i was going to do some test files and manually adjust the sled mount distance as the calibration sequence does. I have a smaller frame and the test cut doiesn’t work for me for some rason.
Anyway I put a cut-off sharpie in the router and cut some squares. They came out like this:

There’s a skew to the squares that I don’t understand. Anyway I did a calibration and got this:

I don’t think the calibration was any different, so I’m at a loss as to how the skew occurred. I thought I remebered someone else who had this, but a search or five didn’t find any posts. Anyone got any idea how the calibration can be out and get this skew?

Happily the squares are actually square, as well, which is a bit odd as the last calibration was a bit out on X with respect to Y.


Just guessing and wondering if a Maslow with a standard sled and ‘Kinematics Type’ set to Triangular, instead of Quadrilateral, would produce skew like that. As far as I know the tilt of standard sled towards the corners, is compensated in the ‘Quad’ and taken out in ‘Tri’.

I checked this morning and it is Quadrilateral. I haven’t changed that at all. It’s still working so I’m not too bothered at the moment, I just wanted to know what not to do to provoke it again…

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