Maslowcnc ability to section stock materials with software

Is there abilities in software to section stock materials in segments that can be moved on the frame and holders with desired measurements and continue cutting where the design was at starting location then moved upon and finished with accurate information and tool paths.


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Not sure I exactly get the question. Are you asking about something in the line of:
Let’s say I want a elliptical signboard that is ~ 2 ply sheets wide.
Can the software read out of 1 g-code, that my project is bigger then 1 sheet and automaticity continue on the next sheet? The answer would be, no. Interesting idea though.
The g-code would have coordinates far beyond the sheet size and would have to devide that and translate back to what fits on one sheet. Pic: If the cut started at the right bottom (sheet 1), it would end at top right, on sheet2 it would have to start top let (or mirror the second cut).

Same as nesting and knowing what free space on the sheet can still be used, it’s easiest on the CAD side.
Name your sheets and if you have cut something out, for your next project, bring up the CAD from the last design and create the new project in the space that is left on the sheet.