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MaslowCNC wisdom falsely attributed to famous people (collection)


(Invented plus encouraged by the Guru himself: @theHipNerd)

  • ~ 14th March 2019: “Neither 3D printing or CNC woodworking are for the impatient.” - Ghandi

  • ~ 20th March 2019: “It’s the small steps, stone by stone, that let you cross the river MaslowCNC.
    Sometimes you have to go 2 steps back to get forward.
    Do not attempt to jump.” - Dalai Lama

  • ~ 19th March 2019: “Always wear hearing protection.” - Wittgenstein

  • ~ 19th March 2019: “Always credit the designer.” - Abraham Lincoln

  • ~ 25th March 2019: Part 1 “There is a path that is a little longer, but can save time.” part 2 “Better 3 times measured then 1 time wrong.” - Confucius

  • ~ 1st April 2019: A picture says more then a thousand words - Pablo Ruiz Picasso



I am no Guru. Follow me at your peril. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you, Gero.