Thank You Maslow Team! All Please Read

Surely everyone who frequents the Maslow homepage has seen this post at the top:

“We currently have kits in stock, but when this batch sells out we will be taking a break and do not have a timeline for when they will be back. If you want a kit now is the time to get one.”

I read this and ponder what it might mean below the surface. It sounds to me like the Maslow team may be experiencing some “Burn out.” Or, maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully I’m wrong.

So I would like to start this thread to bring forth some love to the entire Maslow team. Thank you! Thank you for bringing CNC technology on the cheap to the DIY community. Thank you for continuing to update and improve the Maslow system. Thank you for supporting people in setting up and calibrating their system. Thank you for making the Maslow open source. Thank you for the charity that benefits through Maslow. Thank you for the Ply-Pad.

I ask that everyone who reads this to please take just a second and reply below with some love for the Maslow team. This is an awesome community and I am excited to see where people will take this.

Aaron Cameron


Guys and girls!
Maslow CNC has been my best toy since for a long time. Building it partly from parts that were not available, but as drawings - yes were available open source, I have now a machine that can fabricate things in a pretty good precision. As for learning, I have learned using this machine much more than my 11 years of passion in digital fabrication where always an operator helped to put the file into machine and hand me out a ready piece. Anyways, i get also noticed by neighbours - one sent me a message is this noise ok that is coming from my house all day long (I wonder how the whole day is possible as I do cut mainly 2 hour session every day) LOL. With ear protectors on, it definitely is a different experience than hearing it for 2 hours through the windows and trying to sleep in the middle of the day. I love this machine inside out!


@acamer14, there is a long discussion, including some drama as people panicked, about Bar and Hannah’s decision to take a breather. You can find it here.

TL;DR is that it’s been a hectic ride and they are worried about losing focus on a long-term strategy due to all the immediate needs that come with all of the orders. They have stated that they are still committed to the project.

That said, I think it’s a great idea to share some love for all the work they have done so far to bring us this great machine and build such a strong community around it. This includes their committment to give back by donating Maslows to schools and other organizations and fighting homelessness (search “PlyPad” for more on that). So I will say it again. Thanks Maslow team!


I believe I have some type of post around here somewhere like this already plus a couple dozen more from people in this forum.

But meanwhile back at the bat cave thanks team Maslow I’ve had mines 4 some time now still haven’t put mines together yet. But that still don’t keep me from coming back to this forum everyday. I come here more then I go to p*rnhub literally