Maslows in Wellington

Are there any Maslovians near Wellington NZ? Have a daughter doing research at the university there.

I’m in Hamilton, but @walter is in Wellington :slight_smile:

This page was the result of my request for a "world map of Maslovians’. It was renamed and buried at a far end of the Wiki. Kindly consider updating it anyway :slight_smile: .

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I took a look at the Wiki entry. It’s rather difficult to edit so I passed on adding the MooseMaslow to the list. Is there an easier way?

You are right @mooselake. It is irritating enough to make people rather not touch it.
It’s 9 | (downslash?) for the columns and the content between. If you copy and paste this line:
| User | Frame Design | Modifications | Router | Work Flow |Photo links | Your Location | Comments |
and replace the words, you should be fine. There is a preview Tab (I discovered that far to late :slight_smile: )
I’ve added that line, perhaps we could keep it at the bottom for slightly faster edit.

Any ideas for an alternative?
Personally, I would love a spreadsheet with lots of Data like machine measurements, CG, Total Sled Weight and so on, but where and how to host it?

What about Google Sheets?

Yes, it adds more information to our Googlian overlords database, but since they know everything we do /ducks/ on the Internet anyway