Mastercraft router

Here are my mods I made to my mastercraft plunger. The Z axis threads and nut came off a car power seat. I was able to cut down to the length and grind down the shaft to fit the adapter. I also removed the springs from the plunger to allow it to move more freely since the z axis was holding it to position. The threads came with bushing and lock nut along with spring washer to give smooth action with no play. With this much travel I am able to change bits without lifting or removing the router from the sled. I did have to remove a few things to get clearance around the ring linkage(handles, plunger lock handle). I did remove a few other parts with the grinder for my original setup but had to change due to clearance . Not i have not measured the pitch but will change later as it works good.


looks much more solid than the ridgid router z axis. good job.

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I really like how you stacked the brackets like that! Awesome job

Yes I stacked the brackets. But I also had to cut the tab off and and weld it back to the lower bracket. But cutting allowed it to stack. I had to try n keep z axis on the long side of the plunger because the lower/short side would bind when moved. The z axis is very smooth with no slack from what I can tell.

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