How much does Z retract?

I don’t have the maslow kit yet and are planing the z axis lift hardware… but how much does Z retract? Current setup i have plans for have room for max 8mm lift of the workpiece…

The z travel is determined by the router. The Ridgid22000 has just under 2" of travel stop-to-stop.


Generally, you want to have enough travel in your axis that you can comfortably cut your most thick materials. 6.35mm (1/4") of clearance above the material is the bare minimum I would give myself. It may be wise to have much more room than that, however, as bit lengths can vary and it would be really annoying to find that you didn’t give yourself enough room for a long-reach bit.

I’ve found myself a little too close to the travel limits on the Rigid’s base. My new axis design should give me somewhere around 100mm of travel, which is most certainly overkill.

What i mean is how far does the firmware lift the bit over the work piese(from zero) if you run a home command?
Cutting depth is max 45mm now… go for more?
Going to use the makita rt0700…

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I believe it is currently set to 1/4 inch.

This may also be of interest to you

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@blurfl gave us a setting for that! The default is 5mm :grinning:


Because the router/sled rests on the surface of the workpiece, even 1/8" above is generally enough. The Maslow is subtly different from most other CNC machines in this way.

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Wow, I didn’t realize that had already been implemented. Is that included in GC 1.06?

And THANK YOU @blurfl