Z-Axis Too Shallow, (safety Depth?)

I’ve calibrate the z axis zero point just above touching the wood and it doesn’t plug all the way through on a cut out.

But yet if I zero just on the wood it cuts all the way through, but it drags the wood as it travels not on the cut paths.

What settings am I missing? Or did I calibrate it wrong?

Also I adjust the safe travel height to 25mm but it doesn’t seem to do anything during the g-code.

Also I’m using easel for my g-code.

I’m done the router bungie to assist z axis motor.

This sounds like the issue. The safe travel height is how much above the surface the bit lifts before moving from one cut to the next to prevent the dragging you are seeing. 25mm is pretty high, what if you try a smaller number there like 5mm?

5mm is what the default was…I changed it because the time when I set the z axis zero to just barely touching the material, it dragged the material as it cut, so I set it definitely higher, but like I said it still rides on the material during the g-code, so its like the 25mm safety height doesn’t matter

You are doing it correctly, that is what safety height means. If you post the gcode file maybe we can take a look at it and see what is going on.