McAfee flags GroundControl.exe as a trojan

I’m sure it isn’t, but McAfee flags the GroundControl.exe as a Trojan. Upon executing the GroundControl.exe application, the application opens but it unresponsive. Closing and attempting to relaunch (using the *.bat or a shortcut to the exe) is unresponsive because McAfee has quarantined and removed the GroundControl.exe file from the run directory.

I’ve been running GroundControl.exe on my work computer, so I had my local IT white list the GroundControl.exe application (I still have to verify that worked).

My request / question for the authors/administrators of the GroundControl.exe application is if they can:
(1) Verify the GroundControl.exe application is not a Trojan
(2) Make the necessary changes to the software such that it is not identified as a Trojan in the future.

thanks in advance

Generally there is no way to prevent virus engines from identifying something as a trojan. This identification is often made on the basis of heuristics that the AV manufacturer regards as proprietary. Checking virustotal,com
(, GC is detected as a possible problem by 6 of 65 virus engines. Of the six, none of them agree on what the problem is. This will make it really hard to keep AV engines from generating false positives.

Normally there is a way to report false positives. You might try reporting it as a false positive. But, since this changes somewhat frequently, it will probably have to be re-reported on each release.

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You opened an issue Macafee sequestering GCode files #748 in the GroundControl repository about a problem with the log file. Is this the same issue, or a different one?


This happened to me today

Does GCv1.17 trigger the alarm as well? Do earlier versions?

When McAfee quarantined the groundcontrol.exe in my pc, it did it with V1.18, V1.17, and V1.09 (the 3 versions I tried).

you should submit it to mcafee as a false positive. see here:

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See message 8. Hope it helps.

Update: White listing GC did not help. I ended up running GC on a dedicated laptop w/o antivirus, disconnected from the Internet.