Measuring CG - how

Could somebody clarify the steps/best way to measure the CG (assuming that’s still important - I’m losing track :-)).

If I remember correctly it was found by balancing the sled on something like a marble, but to be honest we’ve mostly been ignoring it (for better or for worse).

I also can’t recommend @pillageTHENburn’s linkage kit’s highly enough which remove the CG from the equation entirely

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I’m using his linkage kit :slight_smile:

I just didn’t know that it removed CG from the equation… guess that’s why it didn’t ask me about it.


Thank you for the kind words! :blush:
I should probably add something about that in the linkage kit wiki/instructions…

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for batch #3 we should have things figured out well enough that you can ship
either a ring or a linkage kit standard.

I’ll bet that getting linkages cut would be pretty close to the cost of the
chain brackets (with all their holes, the bend, and the painting)

Since Logan has posted the files for his version, and I’ve posted the files for
mine, I think it’s safe to say that either of us would be more than willing to
have you ship either design as stock.

If the laser cutters you got for the makesmith project are still running, you
could order the wook and cut Logan’s design yourself. and I’d bet that your
metal supplier could cut my design quite nicely.

David Lang