Measuring during calibration

I’m curious as to what people recommend using to make measurements during the calibration process. As I understand it, the goal is to get the delta between vertical and horizontal cuts within 0.5mm… Are people using yard sticks, tape measurers or some other means to get to this level of accuracy? any recommendations on specific products for accurate measurements?

I use a 36 inch stainless steel inking ruler like this.
It’s thin enough that the markings are close to the board, and easier for me to hold in place than a tape measure.


I use a standard metric tape measure. I usually try to get someone else to help me by holding the other end

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If you use a standard tape measure (or an older steel rule) don’t use the start. When I need an accurate measure I start at a known distance from the end (e.g. 100mm) and align this point with the start of the measurement, then subtract the amount from the reading.


Great advice! My Jr high shop teacher taught us to always measure from one (this is a non-metric area) for anything that mattered. If you’re prone to forgetting to subtract the extra, double check with the full tape to make sure you’re close but don’t rely on the actual value.