Metal frame on French Cleats

Since purchasing, I’ve assembled and disassembled my Maslow as a standalone unit a couple of times, usually due to space constraints. Most recently, I moved to a Unistrut based frame, which was nice. That it was free standing was still a problem though, it’s a large object that takes up a lotta floor space.

For my next build, I’m considering building a hinged wall-mounted frame, but hanging it on french cleats and making it easy to remove the ‘backplane’ to expose more french cleats to hang tools on when it’s not being used. It’d basically be the same as a free-standing hinged Maslow, but the back pieces would hang on the cleats rather than bolted directly to the wall. The idea being that if I’m going to be screwing lag bolts into the wall, they’re for something I can use even if I take the Maslow apart again.

I can’t think of any issues with going this route, french cleats are plenty strong enough to hold up a Maslow with a heavy 4x8 sheet of plywood on it. Has anyone tried this?

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french cleats are’t really that user friendly IMHO. you would need another person to lift the maslow on and off the v groove. better to just use pulleys, ropes and hinges, makes it a one person job.

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