Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested

I’m only partially following (especially the term pitch for the turning of the rotor?) but I’m seeing the problem with the z-axis not moving the correct amount on my metal maslow. Should I change the 3.17mm value to 8mm to fix this?

And THANKS to all you big brains out there making this work! :slight_smile:

The bigger gantry plates came in from China last Friday and we spent the weekend putting them together
They are much more sturdy and it’s easy to adjust the rollers
for those of you who ordered kits using the Rigid router A few went out today and the rest will go out tomorrow

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Sweet… then I can start putting mine together, finally.

I may have already asked this but do you plan to sell just the z-axis upgrade?

if all you want is the c beam , you can buy it and the xlarge gantry plate from and 3d print a router holder. They also sell spindle holders, but none of them are big enough to fit the 92mm rigid R2202

we do sell a laser cut sled, with 45 degree linkage kit, c beam and router bracket for
$120. Mostly for people that do not want to make their own “meticulous z axis upgrade”


The terms “pitch” and “lead” can be confusing. Pitch is the distance between threads on the screw. Lead is the distance the nut (and hence the router) moves with one full rotation of the screw. The two values are related by the number of starts. If you look at the end of the screw, you should be able to see the number of threads that start at that end.

This post (Don't understand number I needed to calibrate my Z axis) might help you visualize the difference.


When should we be expecting to see the larger gantry plates? I see you received and shipped some, but I just didn’t know if you were still waiting on more of them.


There are two rectangular steel plates in the kit but don’t see
mentioned/used in sled assembly instructions
Assembly instructions | MetalMaslow.

where these only for packing? :smiley:


the 4x12" x 1/4 thick plates can be used as counter weights with the included rope and pullies OR they can be bolted onto the sled if you want more weight.

We have enough of the xl gantry plates. Some users want to make very deep cuts, so 1x to 2x the diameter of the bit so we are working on a solution for that. There are only a handful of back orders that will be shipped this week.

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Hello all
Please be patient with me, this is first time i’m building any thing this complicated.
But i thought better jump into it and do it.
So i 'll be asking lot of question.

Finally i started on building the sled and got stuck at step 3 of instruction at:

It say
" Next take 4 of the 5mm flat head screws and attach the z axis to the sled."
but on z-axis there only two holes for the screws.
Or should i remove the black screws and use those


On my kit, one side of the c-beam was only held on with one black screw. I loosened the collars holding the lead screw in place and pushed it so that the side that was fully screwed down had the leadscrew sticking out and then retightened the collars. Then I removed the single black screw from what was now the bottom, and fastened the c-beam to the sled through the dust guide using the included silver tapered m5 screws.

While I had one of the black plates off, I carefully slid some of my own T-slot nuts in to use in place of the included drop in T-slot nuts, as I have found that they are more secure and less prone to coming loose. Make sure that if you do this, you use the right size t-nuts, and don’t lose the washer that sits between the locking collar and the bearing on the leadscrew. The smooth side of the washer should face the bearing, if it ends up coming off for some reason.

If both sides of your c-beam are attached with 4 screws, then yes, remove them all from one side and screw through the bottom plate.
You could also switch the screws that are currently on the bottom to the top, if the top side is the one with 1 screw and the bottom side has 4 you don’t feel like fiddling around with the locking collars.

thanks Jatt
i had to remove the black screws and use the silver ones
to connect sled plate to z-axis as the black ones are not long
enough to pass through sled plate and the bottom plate of
So the black ones are there just to keep z-axis together
until we screw it on the sled plate.


Hello all

Now stuck at putting Gt2 belt and gears on z-axis motor and shaft.
Basically how much i stretch the belt it is not long enough.
I tried to put the gear/belt by loosing the z-axis mother so i can
slightly move around motor but belt does not stretch at all.
I am afraid if i pull more either z-axis screws will pop or belt will break.

Also, i did not understand step 5 says
“Once the bracket is in place you will need to secure the motor with the shafts as close as possible together with 6 small machine screws.”

but there is only one way to put z-axis motor i.e. where the screws fit.

thanks for help

The simplest way to put the gears and belt on is to do it all at once. Meaning put the belt around both gears while they’re off of the shafts, then slide it all on.

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I’ll try to make a video, but basically Drake is correct slide both gears on at same time.

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thanks for help guys

here what i got.
if i leave out two screws the one closet to shaft and
leave other screws little bit loose, then i was able to put gears and belt.
the motor is little bit tilted toward the shaft, the picture from side.

On with ground control



what is small tube with blue liquid?

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That is loctite, for the screws going into the bottom of the z axis c beam

Got my Kit and Im happy with it but I’m trying to Piece together assembly instructions and how the different pieces come together. This is a perfect example. This riser is not in any instructions or mentioned anywhere. This should be added to the instructions along with information on wiring everything up.

I know that back in the days of the original kits there were a number of assembly videos by users at the time. Things have evolved quite a bit since then in terms of the kit and best practices. Has anyone done an updated video or set of videos to go along with the MetalMaslow kits? It can be so helpful to physically see someone do something or even be able to observe smaller details that aren’t even the main focus by “looking over someones shoulder”. Even modest cell phone video without editing would be welcome I think, if anyone can share.