Would love to buy a kit... Will availability resume this year?

Hi Maslow Community!
I am excited to get on the list to buy a new kit, unfortunately I didn’t act fast enough for the micro round… What are the odds of purchasing a kit this year? Can’t wait to build and post some of my project ideas. Thanks for being awesome :slight_smile: Lookoing forward to joining the community.

Hey there :slight_smile:
Take a look here

Think I read about November but logistics can be tricky


I’m very interested in purchasing the meta Maslow kit!!! Please notify me immediately when purchasing is available!

I would buy this ! please let me know when they are available !

There are several people preparing kits for sale, one is predicting
availablility in November, look for the thread about the $600 kit.

David Lang

We would like to get a kit when it comes available

I’d love to support the Maslow movement, but I am concerned about the increasing price.
Do we have the ability to purchase the parts individually at the moment?

  • Chris

sure you can buy the parts individually. like many things in life it’s a trade off between how much time or money you have.
If you have the Skills and TIME you can save money.
If you have a lot of money you can save time. BUT IF YOU HAVE NEITHER SKILLS NOR MONEY, you will probably wind up having to redo the whole thing due to mistakes making it cost more money after all is said and done. Never underestimate the time it takes to learn building/maker/design skills.

The price for the “kit” has always been unrealistically too low. almost everyone has spent much more than $500 making their maslow.
in fact if you paid yourself minimum wage and counted the labor I’m sure many have spent over $1000.

There was a thread titled How much have you spent on your maslow I made a couple of months ago, might want to look at that for “realilistic” total cost which is at a bare minimum about $700.

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I believe there are some other Maslow kits in the works that will be a cheaper version, they will not be as fancy as the “metal maslow” - more like the original.
I am not the one making or selling the kits so I don’t know many details but I know people are working hard to make new Maslows available asap!


I’ve talked to a couple other vendors one wants to make a turn key product probably on the more expensive end and another wants to make a more modest parts only kit on the lower end. Offered to buy the chain gear motors to both but have not heard back. Given the motors have longest lead time 2momths via air or 3momtjs via sea. they are the limiting part to getting kits out quickly

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A little late to the party but we have pre-orders open for the same exact kits Bar sold with the z-axis and ring. You can find the link in the garden!


We supply replacement parts for Maslow!

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